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Economic research as basis for decision-making

The interaction of theory and practice is a challenging and stimulating area with no clear boundaries or limitations. The fundament of any perspective is the way the viewers experience the world and the relationship between knowledge and process. No matter where we start of, there is consequentially an insuperable interdependence of both elements, anytime and anywhere. 

The research in business economics is not any different, quite the contrary. As the approach to the study of management and business unlikely follows a similar approach as when studying natural science, only a few research philosophies appear accurate and sustainable. The collection of the right data, the listing of the topical findings and the outline of the most important conclusions is crucial. Apart from the research journey itself, team work, hierarchy and cultural interplay ultimately form the overriding dimension called subjectivism; a key aspect in today's organisational decision-making.

The content of this website is neither claiming completeness nor smart advice, but shall allow you to navigate through our past, present and future international activities. Your are kindly invited to contribute whenever you feel to do so or appoint one of our members for any research project or interim business support. Contact Us.